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Attorney Lassman was interviewed by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly in an article dated November 2017 for his opinion on a recent Massachusetts Appeals Court ruling on equitable subrogation and its implications for bankruptcy cases.

Mr. Lassman was extensively quoted in a recent article appearing in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly concerning the treatment of life insurance policies in bankruptcy cases, noting that many bankruptcy lawyers mistakenly believe that the cash value of life insurance is always exempt and fail to read the policy or the exemption law to confirm that the policy will be protected from creditors in bankruptcy.

Mr. Lassman recently published an article in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly analyzing two recent decisions by Massachusetts courts that reached very different results on the impact of pleadings filed in bankruptcy cases on subsequent litigation involving challenges to foreclosure sales.  The decisions are particularly timely and instructive  given the recent spate of litigation and creative defenses in state courts over the validity of foreclosure sales conducted after the Great Recession in 2008 and are particularly noteworthy because it is unusual for state courts to be called upon to interpret federal bankruptcy law.

An article recently published in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly by Pat Murphy discusses a recent ground breaking decision by Bankruptcy Judge Joan N. Feeney consolidating the assets of two closely aligned corporations, one of which was in bankruptcy and one of which was not.  The case was commenced by Trustee Lassman and Judge Feeney ruled in the Trustee’s favor, ruling that the assets of a closely related company that was not in bankruptcy could be reached to satisfy the claims of the creditors of the bankruptcy company

An article recently appeared in the Winter 2017 Volume of “The Judges Journal”, a publication of the American Bar Association, titled “A Little Slice of a Large Pie – Profiling One Attorney’s Financial Literacy Outreach Efforts in the Military Community“. Written by Benjamin J. Higgins, law clerk to Judge Francis J. Bailey, U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts, the article describes to the efforts of Attorney Lassman and other bankruptcy attorneys in Boston to address the needs of members of the veteran community for financial literacy education.

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly interviewed Attorney Lassman for its February 9, 2017 edition regarding a recent decision by Judge Panos concerning the homestead exemption available under the Bankruptcy Code

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